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2014 Post Season Awards
Page Created By: Ed Sack Date : 11/5/2014


Individual Awards

MIAC 2nd TeamAll League- Jake Flynn and TraceSheerin

MIAC 1st TeamAll League- Max Whipple, MichaelMatthews, Calvin Lind, and Simon Roennecke

MIAC League MVP- Max Whipple

All District Team- Max Whipple, Simon Roennecke, Calvin Lind, Michael Matthews,Jake Flynn, Adam Alpert, Trace Sheerin, and Michael Deneroff

All Regional Team- Max Whipple, Simon Roennecke, Calvin Lind, Michael Matthews,and Jake Flynn

Honorable Mention AllState- Jake Flynn

Second Team All State- Michael Matthews

First Team All State- Max Whipple, Simon Roennecke, and Calvin Lind

All State Dream Team- Max Whipple

Oakland CountyHonorable Mention-Calvin Lind, Michael Matthews,Jake Flynn

Oakland County  Dream Team- Max Whipple & Simon Roennecke

Academic All State- Shawn Anderson, Michael Deneroff, Michael Matthews, Logan Garlo, AdamAlpert, Trace Sheerin, Orlando Bustos, Adam Kochanowski, Chase Solys, MaxWhipple

Team Grade Point Average

 Team Grade Point of 3.91 is the highest on record for boys or girls in the sport of soccer

School Records Broken this Year

Goals in a Season- Max Whipple 46

Assists in a Season- Simon Roennecke 36

Career Goals- Max Whipple 102

Career Assists- Simon Roennecke 54

Wins in a Season- 23

Consecutive Wins- 21+


MHSAA Record Book

(The MHSAA keeps historical records for all schools in Michigan, including the top 25 or so in a variety of categories)

Goals in aSeason- Max Whipple 46, Simon Roennecke 40

Career Goals-Max Whipple 102

Assists in aSeason- Simon Roennecke 36

Career Assists- Simon Roennecke 54, Max Whipple 49

Points in aSeason (Goals + Assists)-Simon Roennecke 76, Max Whipple 67

Career Points-Max Whipple 151, Simon Roennecke 123

Most Goals Scored in a State Final- Simon Roennecke 4

Team Assists in a Season- Roeper 104

Team Goals ina Season- Roeper 107


Team Awards

MIAC League Champions, District Champions, Regional Champions,and State Champions


Coaching Awards

MIAC, District,Regional, Oakland County, State, and Private School Coach of the Year- Ed Sack



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