Roughrider Varsity Soccer

First Day of Practice

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Mission Statement
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The athletic program emphasizes commitment, responsibility, tactile and technical improvement, sportsmanship and team work for all student athletes. Students at every level are offered the opportunity to participate via a “no-cut” policy. Students will not be asked to “tryout” for a team, nor will they be “cut” for lack of ability. They are asked to do their best, take pride in their efforts and be a part of a team.

The success of the program can be seen in the performance of our teams; they are often state-ranked and have earned numerous League, District, Regional and State championships, as well as team and individual honors at those levels.

Guided by an experienced and dedicated coaching staff, we offer a wide array of sports throughout the year. We encourage you to visit each division level (LS, MS, US) to see all that the Roeper Athletic experience can be for your child.

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