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Ed Sack 11/6/2014

""The Game" is available for free streaming. You must sign up but it is free."

Ed Sack 11/4/2014

"George you would have loved the game. If I can put it or a link to the game I will. You can purchase a DVDs through the MHSAA or stream it currently for a cost. Hope all is well, thanks for your support."

George Tipton 11/4/2014

"Congrats to our first state championship team well played, any chance we can get the game uploaded to this site, would love to watch the game in whole!!"

Ed Sack 10/18/2014

"Two records broken today, congratulations to Max Whipple for breaking his own goals in a season record with 40, and Simon Roennecke breaking the assist record with 32."

Ed Sack 10/7/2014

"Defending MIAC league champs!"

Ed Sack 7/21/2014

"Traverse City Trip Itinerary is attached on the left side of the home page."

George Tipton 10/21/2013

"Great win Ed, congrats I always follow the scores if I can , thanks so much for this website!!!"

Ed Sack 10/9/2013

"Sunday at noon on CW50 we will be featured on "State Champs" set your DVR's now"

Ed Sack 10/6/2013

"Two wins away from a MIAC league championship. Destiny is officially in our hands during the last week of the season. Roeper 9-3 ICB. 9-3 ULS. 8-3 Remaining games Roeper vs Greenhills, LNW vs Roeper ICB vsSCS, PCA vs ICB ULS vs SCS, PCA vs ULS, OCS vs ULS Fun,fun,fun"

Ed Sack 10/3/2013

"Please remind your parents if you volunteered them for concessions, we will be finalizing the work schedule on Friday, I have only one conflict at this point."

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